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Led by Dr. Susan E. Cross Iowa State University

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Cultures vary widely in their values, beliefs, and assumptions about the good or ideal person.  These values, beliefs, and assumptions form the foundation for individuals’ construction of a self-concept, which in turn shapes and directs how people think, feel, and behave. Our lab conducts research on the social self and close relationships, with a particular interest in cultural variation in these processes.

The Social Self and Culture Lab led by Dr. Susan Cross conducts research on various aspects of the self, culture, honor, close relationships, and lay beliefs. We hold lab meetings every two weeks to discuss various interesting issues, including research ideas and presentations, experimental issues (e.g., research ethics, experimental design), and graduate school application.

Location: Room 52 Science I, Iowa State University
Email: crosslab@iastate.edu

Phone: +1 515-294-3993


Current Lab Members:
Ceren Gunsoy
Ben Chun Pan Lam
Katie Grassel
Katherine Scott
Xiaoruoxi Cai