Social Self and Culture Lab

The Social Self and Culture lab is the hub of Dr. Cross’s research activities. Located in Science I, room 52, the lab is ground zero for data collection, training research assistants, and managing the research enterprise.

Most importantly, the lab is extremely well equipped with smart, inquisitive, and well-trained undergraduate research assistants. The research assistants are trained to collect data, to interact professionally with research participants, and to code and enter data. In semi-weekly lab meetings, they interact with the graduate students, post-doc, and director (Cross) to learn about research ethics, research design, theories in cultural psychology, and other related topics. Interested students may work with a graduate student to prepare a piece of our research for undergraduate research symposia or national conferences. The graduate students provide invaluable assistance and insight into the process of applying to graduate schools and thriving once there. The lab is well-equipped with computers and monitors, internet access, necessary software, and other materials