Current and Previous Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students and Post-docs

Dr. Cross will not be accepting graduate students for Fall 2022.

Vanessa Castillo, Ph.D. Candidate (Graduate student)

I completed my B.A. in Psychology and Spanish at Concordia College Moorhead, Minnesota, and my M.S. at Iowa State University. I am currently a 6th-year graduate student in the Social Psychology department at Iowa State University. My dissertation focuses on how cultural values influence people’s choice to forgive or not forgive and how that decision impacts their well-being. I’ve worked with Dr. Cross on various projects that examine how honor influences goals and conflict behavior. My broad research interests are culture, forgiveness, and romantic relationship.

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Henry Lopez, M.A. (Graduate student)

I completed my B.A. in Psychology and Spanish at the University of Redlands and my M.A. in Psychology at San Diego State University. My masters thesis found that the implicit boundaries of Americanness differ depending on the tightness or looseness of the cultural context in which people are immersed. Together with Dr. Cross, I will investigate how culture of honor can help us understand differences in close relationships and self-disclosure.

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Previous Graduate Students and Postdocs



Jonathan Gore, Ph.D.                    Pelin Gül, Ph.D.                      Laura Madson, Ph.D.
Eastern Kentucky                    University of Groningen         New Mexico State University
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Minjoo Joo, Ph.D.

Pamela Bacon, Ph.D.

Michael L. Morris, Ph.D.

Kari Terzino, Ph.D.

Berna Gercek-Swing, Ph.D.

Alice Zhang, Ph.D.

Ceren Gunsoy, Ph.D.

Ben C-P Lam, Ph.D.

Karen Bittner, Ph.D.